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What Should You Do First?

Check out our latest reviews on the products you are thinking about getting. If you don’t see a review on the certain item send us an email and we will get on it. We have used almost every tool related to conibears and if not we are always looking for new ones to try out. You will get reviews from wildlife professionals with over 40 years of experience. So the information you get will be coming from people with first hand experience.

Important Conibear Trap Information

Conibear trap’s are great tool’s for fur trapping or solving wildlife control problems, but they need to be used the right way. These traps get a lot of gruff from people, but when used properly these are (in my opinion) one of the most humane traps if not the most humane trap out there. For example, when handling wildlife control problem’s like I have for year’s you are not able to relocate certain animal because that is the LAW in some areas. So once you catch the animal in lets say a cage trap, you then must transport it if in the city and humanly kill it. I see this process being a lot more stressful for the animal along with more difficult for the wildlife control operator, so bad for both sides. But when using the conibear trap correctly you are able to have an immediate quick humane kill on the animal. Also the operator would then properly dispose of the animal. This is important to know that these are great tool’s but you must be responsible when using them because just like anything (ex. driving a car) if you are not carefully bad things can happen.